Thursday, January 10, 2008

So far....

this week has been pretty busy. Let's see, on Monday we took a walk with Siobhan & Aibha to get smoothies and hang out. Later that afternoon, Maddie and I went to visit with our neighbor who has a 3 month old little boy. He was really cute and Maddie was only kind of interested in him. Then on Tuesday, Maddie, Aibha, Siobhan and I went to the National Zoo in DC. It was a beautiful day and with my fancy new camera, I was able to take some really cool pic's of the animals.(click on the collage to see pic's larger)

I was exhausted after that adventure! The next day, Wednesday, I was still tired and Gabe came home from a break from work and took Maddie on a nice nature walk around Huntley Meadows Natural Preserve. She had a blast and came home smelling like sunshine :) So, that leads us to today. This morning I had a man come to see about some water damage we've just started noticing-not good. He'll be back tomorrow to start to do some work on it :( Good, that he's doing work, but really bad if it's extensive damage, which = major money. We shall see. Then, it was off to the doctor for Maddie's 15 month appointment (Happy 15 month old Birthday today). She was terrified (as usual) but it was painless-no shots!!! Hallelujah. She weighs 19 lbs (still in the 10th percentile). She's a munchkin. So, now we're home. Planning to relax and run an errand or two. It's getting cold again and starting to feel like winter.

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Anonymous said...

hey sarah loved the zoo pics especially the Hippo! talk to ya later