Saturday, March 8, 2008

Busy, Rainy Day

Well, it's pouring rain here and has been since about 1pm yesterday. It hasn't let up and now that we're home, I'm able to enjoy it. It's when you're out and about doing things that you feel the rain is inconvenient. So, yesterday Maddie and I went to Gymboree to try out a different class than the one we normally go to. It was a music class and I think she liked it; that is, if liking it means spending 30 of the 45 minutes staring at herself in a mirror and then proceeding to lick her reflection. She's 17 months old, what more can I say? We will try it again when we get back from CA. Then, she and I met up with Aibha and Siobhan and went to the Smithsonian's Museum of Natural History to see the Butterfly Exhibit they have. It's in a greenhouse with lots of plants and flowers and lots of butterflies. Aibha liked it, but Maddie didn't really get it. It was fun though. We walked around the museum for a bit longer and then headed home. Maddie passed out in her car seat as soon as we started the drive-it had been a busy day for such a little girl. Today we are going to a wedding in DC later. One of Gabe's good friends from high school is getting married. Maddie's going over to Sandy and Carlos' to hang out until we're done. That's all for now.

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