Thursday, March 13, 2008

California or Bust

Today's the day and we are ready. We've been packing, doing laundry, cleaning, setting up the house for our house/dog sitters, running errands, practicing the word "airplane," visiting doctors, and trying to get rest all at the same time. It's a whirlwind, but today we can take it easy until we leave around 4:30pm for the airport. We are flying for the first time on Virgin America and we're looking forward to an UNEVENTFUL flight. Wish us luck. Gabe and I keep talking about it and we just keep saying to each other that "there's no way it could be worse than last time!" So, hopefully that rings true. The plane takes off right at Maddie's bed time (7:30pm) so we're anticipating that she'll sleep. If she doesn't, we're armed with Elmo DVD's, snacks and books (these are a few of her favorite things :) So, we're off. Gone for 15 days. When Tucker climbed into bed with me this morning I told him I would miss him; he seemed to understand. He gets the hint when he sees all the suitcases; very wise Welsh. I'll be blogging and putting pictures up of our time at home so check back. I promise to post and just say if we got there and how it went. Have a great 2 weeks!


Laura said...

Good luck! If you have time while your out here call me if you want to get together. Or you can even come up to Healdsburg and do some wine tasting!
Have safe travels!


Laura said...

Oops... I forgot for a moment that you are pregnant. Well... you can still all come up and Gabe can taste! :)