Sunday, March 9, 2008

Long night, early morning :)

We got home at 11:45pm last night! Gabe's good friend got married in DC last night. It was a really interesting wedding; in a good way. They rented out an all organic (including the beers and the cokes) restaurant and had both the ceremony and reception there. It was a really cool setting and unlike most weddings we go to. We liked that it was something different, because, not to be rude, but we're sort of wedding-ed out. We've been to so many in the past year and we're ready for a break. I'm sure many of you have felt that way at times too. Anyway, the ceremony was short and they actually had a friend of theirs get ordained and perform it. He did a great job and he's a friend of Gabe's also. The food was amazing and it was served in courses that had space in between, so you as you can imagine, it took a while to eat. Gabe and I were ready to go at 10, but the cake hadn't been cut and we couldn't sneak out. The one thing this wedding didn't have was any dancing. The restaurant is pretty small and there was only room for the tables and chairs-so there wasn't any dancing. I have to say that dancing is my favorite memory of my wedding. Not only with Gabe, but with family and friends (James Taylor, anyone?) Those are memories that really stick out to me, but to each his own. As I tried to tell Gabe, if there was dancing, we could have left a bit earlier. It worked out though. I met some of Gabe's friends from college in Vermont last night and they are some really great people. I'm always amazed at how many people Gabe knows. We got back to Alexandria, picked up a sleeping Maddie and came home and both ate toast. Gabe at it to soak up alcohol and I ate it to stop the intense nausea that I apparently am still suffering from (isn't this supposed to be over weeks ago?). Slept well, but woke up at 7:30am (yeah, she slept in!!!) only to realize, clocks changed and it's 6:30am (oh, her normal time). I'm tired and obviously I didn't drink, but being out and about that late sort of makes me feel like I'm hungover. Gabe's good friend, Adam, is coming over today to visit and then Gabe will take him to the airport back to LA. I better nap before I have to socialize more :)


Laura said...

No dancing? That's kind of weird... was there music?
I know what you mean about weddings... they all seem to come at the same time. We had 4 friends get engaged (after us)and married before us in the last 8 months. Except for my wedding ;) I wouldn't mind a break from them too. (hmmm...I don't seem to tire of mine ;)

Of course now it seems to be baby fever around here, I have 3 friends expecting... one of which is due the day before the wedding! I told her husband (who I work with) that they better have the baby early so she/he can come to their first wedding!

I'm also going to be an Aunt! Jason's youngest brother and his wife are expecting. They found out they are having a girl. So exciting for us to be an Aunt and Uncle. Which now gets Jason even more excited to be a dad too... I told him I want to be married at least a few months before trying... but we'll see! :)

Sorry for the long post.. it's almost like I just blogged. lol I'm killing time before I have to get ready to go to work. Last day of Barrel Tasting Weekends! (Our busiest time of the year) I'm so excited to be almost done!

Have a great day Sarah!


Annie said...

No...dancing? O_o

Bizarre! I'm with you, some of the best memories of my life have been dancing at weddings. Such a joyful, celebratory time. It's natural to want to dance at a wedding, isn't it? Nobody cares if you do it well or not, it's not that kind of dancing. It's about connection with others; it's tribal, traditional. Guess they didn't think about that aspect.

SARAH said...

I thought no dancing was strange and it really stood out to me. They may look back and regret it because they are both really into music. I didn't get it. Laura, I'm sure you won't tire of your wedding ever. It's different when it's your own. But, once it's over you may enjoy a break from all things wedding :) Congrats on becoming an aunt. That's the best, especially if they live close. As for plans for when to have a baby. Let me just say that Gabe and I "planned" on starting to try this month and here I am almost 4 months pregnant! Even when you're trying it's always a surprise :) Annie, I felt that way about memories and dancing at weddings-dancing with your husband, your father, etc. Dancing to me IS celebration...