Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Midterms and Preschools

Today is a busy day in our home. First, Maddie had to wake from her nap early to make it to a scheduled tour of yet another preschool. I LOVED the school. It is seriously everything I want in a preschool; close to home, affordable, part time, Christian based, vibrant, etc. It was awesome. So, we're on the waiting list, but this waiting list sounds somewhat promising. There's a lot of months between now and September; so fingers crossed. Right now, Maddie and I are waiting for our cleaning lady to come. She's normally here by now, so I'm twirling my thumbs because I usually wait to put Maddie for her nap until after they've done her room, but she's getting cranky, so we may just have to skip her room today. In a few hours, I have to go take my midterm for my teaching class! Nightmare. I do not remember how to study like I used to when it was part of daily life. It's hard memorizing when you haven't done it in a while. Plus, for some reason, at this age, I want to do really well and I sort of challenge myself to get 100% on this test. It will seem like a greater accomplishment because I've studied in between constantly helping a 17 month old do whatever it is she's doing :) That's multitasking! So, wish me luck and I'll let you know how I do. We leave for CA a week from tomorrow and the planning and packing have begun. After class tonight, my good friend Sarah Hanley is coming to visit. We joked that she'll always be Sarah Hanley and I'll always be Sarah Nardi, even though we both have different last names now! Some things never change. Anyway, she has an early am flight out of Reagan so she's sleeping over. We haven't seen eachother in forever and it will be fun. So, a busy day indeed, but in a good way!

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