Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Update

So, the official update is that there still isn't anything to report :( Went to the midwife today and she finally checked me and came to the conclusion that I'm not dilated at all! Now, they always tell you that just because you aren't dilated today doesn't mean you won't be tomorrow. But, who knows. She also said that I'm measuring small again (which is what happened 2 months ago and they sent me for that second sonogram to find that nothing is wrong-she's just a small baby). She said maybe the baby has "dropped" (ya know, into the pelvis to get ready to be born) and that's why I'm measuring small. Last week and the week before I measured right on track with what I was supposed to, so this is a change, but not one that concerned me. To be honest, if she just dropped now, maybe we'll start getting somewhere :) But, as I was reminded when I told my mom about it, I really want Grace to be born in September. Plus, Gabe really thinks she isn't due on the 1st but more like the 9th (that's the due date given by the sonographer) and that would also account for her being a little small. So, anyone's guess is as good as ours. To not be too boring, I'll only post the most pertinent information as it comes along. My next appointment is next Wednesday.
On another, totally different note, I got an exciting phone call today. The preschool that is less than a mile from our house, half the price cheaper and more Christian based called today and they have an opening for Maddie!!! The bonus of this school is that it's also a co-op so I have the opportunity to help out and meet the teacher's, etc. So, we're in. I called the other preschool and said we are withdrawing. It just feels so right for her to go to this preschool instead, but it had been March, the last time I heard from them and it was only to tell me that we were on a wait list. So, prayers are answered :) Now, her first day of school will be on September 8th and my mom will be here for that which will be a really great memory. So, I'm glad this happened today because it kept me distracted from thinking about when on earth Grace would be born.


Laura said...

Hey Sarah... I can't even begin to know how the wait will be when I get there... even now at 7 weeks I feel like it's soooo long. I keep looking at the calendar "when is it going to be 8 weeks, 9, 10" etc... I should enjoy it now while I can! And I'm sure it's that way because I'm feel like I'm limbo... not showing, etc. From what I've read it goes by much faster in the 2nd Tri.
I can't wait to come back and re-read your posts when I get much further along! lol
I'm excited about Maddie getting into the school you wanted... what perfect timing!

SARAH said...

Hey Laura, I know what you mean about counting the weeks :) In the beginning of pregnancy we can't wait to have the pregnant looking tummy, but by the end we wish we could take a break from carrying all this weight around! 2nd trimester is bliss, so it's definitely something to look forward to :) You'll relate to my posts as you get farther along and hopefully you'll be blogging about it all so that I can see how you're doing. Email me your blog, or post it here if you're already doing one!

Siobhan said...

Thanks for a great day :) Glad to see you're looking so well and Maddie is an absolute doll :) Plan on seeing us next week if Grace doesn't decide to come in the mean time. ;) xx

SARAH said...

Hey Siobhan! We had fun seeing you girls too. Sorry Maddie was so tired, but lately I can't guess her sleepiness level :) Seeing how things have been going, I'm sure Grace won't be here next week and we'll be ready to hang out. We'll talk this week. Hope you're having a good weekend.