Friday, August 1, 2008

Not much to say

The title of this post says it all. We're pretty much just in waiting-for-the-new-baby mode around here. We put the double stroller together yesterday and Maddie LOVED it. She kept getting in the front seat (the big kid seat) and saying "bye-bye." Gabe and I were saying the new stroller is like a limo for kids. It's so long compared to a regular stroller, but I'm sure I'll get used to it! A couple of other mom's at Gymboree have them and they look normal pushing them around the mall :) Gabe and I finished our Prepared Childbirth class this week and we have all the breathing exercises that we need to practice. Last time I went into labor, my water broke, but no contractions-so the breathing wasn't as necessary. I'm hoping this time will be a little different, but we can't plan these things. My next doctor's appointment is Wednesday next week and that will be the first time they will "check" me to see if I'm dilating at all. Sorry if it's TMI, but that's what's going on. Today is the 1st of August and it's exactly 1 month from my due date. So, not much longer to go. I'm trying to enjoy these last weeks of pregnancy since I won't be doing it again, but that's hard to do when my back hurts bad enough to bring tears, I'm too big to turn over in the night to try and get comfortable, and it's 90 something degrees with humidity. Maddie is constantly talking about the baby. She sees me and says "hi, baby" every morning. She lifts my shirt and uses her stethoscope to listen to the baby and then she says "baby okay." I try not to talk about the baby too much with her, but she's seen and been around a lot of babies recently and she has a natural curiosity about them. I keep thinking about when I'm in the hospital and Maddie is being taken care of by Sandy, Gabe and my Mom. I've read that she'll miss me, but I may miss her more! I'm sure she'll do fine, but it will be a change for her and then when she does see me, I'll be showing up with this baby that we've been talking about since December 28th! (That's the day I found out I was pregnant). Gosh, that seems like forever ago.
So, I thought I didn't have much to say and now I've just rambled considerably. But, that's what's happening at Casa de baby. Also, I plan to change the title/address of this blog once Grace gets here, but I'll post what that is and how to find it when it happens. Have a great weekend.


Anonymous said...

That's loads of highly essential newses ;) so don't think you've nothing to say ;). Looking forward to seeing you both this week. We'll go wherever you are so you don't have to travel and get HOT!! Hope you're feeling well and I'll talk to you soon. :) xx Siobhan

SARAH said...

Thanks Siobhan! You and the girls are welcome to come over any time. I'm thinking that Thursday might be the best. I'll be without a car tomorrow (getting a tune-up) and Gabe is taking me to the doctor. So, I'll call you and hopefully we can do Thursday :)