Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Here is a video of us this morning with Maddie discovering that it snowed while she was sleeping. There's another video to come of her sledding!


Siobhan said...

Very cute!! Isn't snow so much fun? Did Maddie enjoy the sledding? Aibha really wanted to sled and we tried with a Rubbermaid bin lid-let me tell you it doesn't work!!! Face planted :) How're ye all feeling these days? I think we're 99.9% better-fingers crossed; either that or I just jinxed myself ;) We start at Little Gym today so if you're bored and over telegraph way come see us :) xx

SARAH said...

Maddie liked the sledding for about 2 seconds! She thought it was too "messy." We're on the mend from our sickness and we'll call you this week.