Saturday, June 12, 2010

Day 80, 81 & 82

So, we're on vacation in Northern California. It's beautiful and I think the best part is how much fun my girls are having with their cousins. They have 2 boy cousins on my side of the family and the 4 of them together are SO cute. So, here's a few pic's of what's been going on since the plane flight. I said to Gabe that I considered it a success because no one threw up and the paramedics didn't have to meet our plane (the way they did 6 months ago when we came home!).

We have a BBQ tonight and an early Father's Day celebration with Gabe, my Brother, my Step-father and my Grandpa. Cherry Cola Ribs are going to be the main dish and if you've never had them then you are missing out. Happy Saturday!!

*Collage: Calaveras County, CA.


Anonymous said...

there is nothing like your cousins for good fun! Great to see the pictures of everyone having fun.
Miss you guys,

Siobhan said...

Looks as though you're having a ball :) Enjoy! Great to see the pictures-thanks :)