Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day 96

We made it back and it was actually a really easy, smooth, noneventful flight; just the way I like it :) I have to say it was such a strange sensation walking into my home last night. I felt sort of out of place. Being away for 16 days does that to a person. However, seeing my dogs, my husband and my own bed reminded me of what I did miss. This morning is a normal Saturday one with the girls up and Daddy out the door. But, I have Gianna here with me which is a special treat. Gabe and I even get to take her out to dinner just the 3 of us in DC tonight while the girls go and visit Gabe's parents. It was tough to leave my family. I always think it will get easier but it never does. Every time I go home it solidifies my desire to be there...all the time. It's a tough one for us. Virginia is a nice place to live (minus the stifling humidity/overwhelming snow) but it doesn't give me the same warm fuzzies as the apple orchards of Sebastopol, the redwoods in Occidental, the windy beach of Bodega Bay, the hills in Oakland, or the sound of the train in Martinez...It's not the same but it'll do....................for now ;)

*Posting Pic's later today


Siobhan said...

Welcome home Ladies :) Thrilled you had a great time at home and to have you back here ;) Talk to you soon!! xx

Anonymous said...

I miss you :( This time did feel different. It was like you were living here. See ya in September! Promise!

SARAH said...

@Siobhan, Thank you. Can't wait to see you girls...Whatcha doin' Thursday morning? I have cleaning ladies and need to get out ;)
@Lizzy, I loved pretending to live there when I saw you driving in Walnut of my favorite memories. It was a very full circle moment for me since I was born in that town :)