Friday, June 18, 2010

Day 88

Go ahead and say it...I've been slacking on the blogging yet again. I think if I counted the number of posts that start that way I'd probably be ashamed. Here's the thing; I started this blog for my family. The family that is SO far away; I did it so that they could see my life, my kids and read about how I'm feeling/dealing with it all! But, now I'm with blogging doesn't feel as important. Yes, I understand that people (Siobhan :) that are not part of my biological family of origin read this too, but I'm just explaining how I even came to blog and why the blogging bug isn't, well, bugging me right now.
Today is our first day at home without Gabe. He left late last night to go back east and so it's been just us girls; my Mom, Maddie, Gracie and myself. Pretty awesome to be part of the 3 generations that were all in the bed hanging out this afternoon. That's something you may not know about me but that holds true for the women in my family. We love our beds. We prefer to read, watch TV, snack, talk on the phone, text and search the web from our beds. It may sound strange to some but it's the place I most want to be. So, where could you find me, my Mom and Maddie around 3:45pm today? Nonnie's bed of course. I was knitting, my mom was helping me read a pattern, Maddie was drinking her milk and eating cookies: it was bliss. I did not have a moment to photograph it and it made me remember that sometimes memories are best kept in my head for only me to cherish. I'm grateful for that.

*I have oodles and oodles of pic's to share but Gabe took the laptop back home and so pic's may have to wait until I'm back...I'll see what I can work out :-)


Dan said...

The women in my family laying in bed sounds so familiar :)

Siobhan said...

Thanks for the mention :) I'm so glad to see that my sisters and I weren't the only ones to LOVE our beds. Although I see now that we had a deprived childhood as there were no tvs in our rooms and food wasn't allowed upstairs :( It was wonderful all the same. Enjoy every second of your trip as always. We're looking forward to having you all back though too. ;)

Anonymous said...

oh babe. I miss you guys a lot. I just went through the blog and looked at all the photos over the past 3.5yrs. TEAR JERKER!!! I jus cannot believe that once upon a time Maddie was a newborn. I hope you guys are having so much fun and can't wait to see you on Friday. I will have carnitas waiting at home:)