Thursday, August 19, 2010

Day 151

*First Time Drinking Hot Chocolate & First Blue Bow :-)


Siobhan said...

Adorable girls :) Have a great trip! Talk to you afterwards. xxx

Anonymous said...

Every pic is cuter than the next! Remember how we used to drink hot choc. taking a sip with a spoon? "Lime cordial delicious. Strawberry yummmm. Rumpunch (hiccup) Quite satisfactory."
Remember we used to make Dan do it! Ah the memories.
love ya.

Mom/Nonnie said...

So precious - all of my girls!! Thanks for the pictures every day. I miss you all so much. Love Mom

SARAH said...

@Siobhan, Thanks! We'll talk to you next week. @Lizzy, I LOVE the memories. It's only a matter of time before Maddie is directing her own rendition of that exact scene :) @Mom, We miss you too! Maddie is ready for her Nonnie to come back!