Sunday, August 29, 2010

Day 162

*Sunday, 6:29pm


Siobhan said...

Love love love it!! ;)
Very happy to see that you had a wonderful time at the WOTT experience at the weekend. My updates were inspiring and I can only imagine it was better in person. I know I said last year that I'd go this year, but maybe next year will be my year ;) Will we get to see you this week sometime? Aibha's back!! One week before the big K.
Talk to you soon.

SARAH said...

@Siobhan- Had a blast this weekend and you need to come for sure next year. It's pretty powerful :) We are around this week. Just getting ready for Grace's b-day party. Maybe we can play Friday? We can come to you...let me know :)

Anonymous said...

So so cute! I can't believe Grace is about to be 2. That is crazy how fast time flies. Love ya. And see you soon ;)