Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 158

This post has been a long time coming. We had a GREAT trip with friends to Deep Creek Lake, Maryland. Even though it rained (A LOT) we found other ways to occupy ourselves and the kiddos. We read, played, colored, ate, went on a boat, swam, hot tubbed, ate, cooked, talked, laughed (A LOT), and did I mention we ate?!? :) It was SO much fun and hopefully will become a yearly thing for all of us.

Although I will say that coming home has had it's hardships. For example, I hate to unpack! It's the worst. I'm such a procrastinator when it comes to getting stuff out of the suitcases and back into the dressers. Also, Grace had a fever a few of the days we were gone but she mostly just slept it off. Now, Maddie has it and she's miserable. Today is definitely better than yesterday but her fever has gone up to 101.8 and that just makes me cringe :( Last night she was saying she was hot and cold at the same time and that really confused her. We may just lay low again today and get her well.

Gabe will be on Kid Duty for the next 2 days while I attend Women of Faith in DC. I went last year and enjoyed it. It's sort of like a mini-spiritual retreat without going out of town. So, I'll be taking a break and Gabe will be holding down the fort.

Here's the pic's I took yesterday of us around the house. Maddie was being a "superhero" which was a first and it was really cute ;) Pic's from vacation will be up soon!


Anonymous said...

She is very inventive!
love ya,

SARAH said...

@Lizzy, She is inventive! She said it could be her Halloween costume and I said I think we can do a little better than that! ;) Only 18 days until you get here!!!!!!!