Saturday, July 7, 2007

Back from Vacation

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Good Morning,
Well, we are back from our looooong vacation in Idaho. We had a blast and we were having so much fun, that we stayed an extra 2 days and came home on the 4th of July. We were at Hayden Lake, ID at the beginning of the trip and then we went to McCall, ID for the second half of the trip.
We: ate well (carnitas), played games (masta of canasta), drank wine (magnum of Silver Oak), played with babies (happiness), played tennis, rode in boats (speed and pontoon), watched Lizzy tube (great video), fished (is Gabe fishing again?), shopped (smallest mall EVER), went out on the town in Couer D'Alene (darts & pool), celebrated Mom's 50th (loved the necklace), cooked, napped, read (finished 2 Anne Lamott books), saw a wolf (with a collar), smoked fish (trout the boys caught), laughed (Justin Hill & the Yak/"who needs the Bucket?") and talked. (Scroll down to see pic's with captions)
I would have blogged sooner, but something happened to my neck and I cannot move it. Went to the doctor yesterday and got some medicine: I was very loopy last night and Gabe told me to go to bed :)
There's something to be said about coming home from being away. It's awesome! You have your own bed, kitchen, dogs, etc. It makes you appreciate everything so much more. Before we left for Idaho, I was sooo ready to get out of here, but now I'm glad to be back. Gabe is at dog shows today and then later tonight I'm going to see Tim McGraw and Faith Hill in concert in DC with his sisters, Patrice and Janie. It's going to be so much fun.
More to come...


Siobhan said...

Hey there,Glad to hear that you had a wonderful time...sounds brilliant and relaxing. Sorry to hear about your neck :( but I know you'll pull through as always. Have a great time at the concert and I can't wait to hear all about life while I've been gone. Maddie's looking fab. xxxSiobhan

SARAH said...

Hey Siobhan,
I miss you guys! It's nice being back and thanks to an emergency room visit yesterday and some pain killers, I'm doing way better. Concert was awesome; I recommend it to any country music fan. Hope you're having a great time in Ireland. Happy 2nd birthday to Aibha!!!
Love, Sarah

Elisabeth said...

Hey Sarah,
These pics all really bring it back. I look real tan, not sure why that is. Anyway I never saw the pics of Maddie and Logan together they are adorable. Glad to hear you are back and enjoying life. Being gone does make you appreciate being back. Justin and I did nothing this weekend, a little grocery shopping, caught up on tv shows we missed and took Daisy on some walks. One place we took her was the Martinez Marina. Do you remember that place? We used to fly kites there with Dad.
Lots of love!

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute! This was a vacation with the Nardi's and the McCartin/McCormick's?!?!? Hmmm...
Anyway, looks and sounds like you guys had a great time. Wish I was a fly on those vacation walls :). I love the baby's playing together, that is so so cute. And great picture of you and Lizzy. Don't you just absolutely love vacations?!? Hope your neck is better...
Oh, and I can only imagine the tubing with Lizzy, those things are great! Did a little myself this past week and just cracked up the whole time :).

SARAH said...

Kirstie, I know the vacation looks as though all of the families were together, but really we were with Dad & Clod, for half the time, and then Mom & Jer for the other half. The whole time we were in Idaho, but in different towns. Funny! I love that picture of the babies together when Maddie is in the car. So cute.