Sunday, July 15, 2007


It's Sunday evening and Maddie just went to bed. What a weekend we had. We woke up early (as usual) and went to our local farmer's market on Saturday morning with Maddie's Grammy Sandy. It was really busy, but we bought lots of fruit, a strawberry jam, and a foccacia bread that was amazing with dinner last night. Today, Gabe watched the baby while I went a tried a Christian church I wanted to check out. It was great. Gabe says he'll go with me next weekend. It was a recommendation by Claudia because her best friend Priscilla goes there. It reminded me of a church I used to love back home. Then, the three of us met back up and yo estudio mi espanol. Maddie napped and I read. Then we went swimming and bbq'd. It's been busy but great.
I hope your weekend was great too and that you found time to be with your family in some way. It's funny, but sometimes just all being together in the same room, with good attitudes is all you need to feel re-charged. But, did I mention, I'm exhausted...
Lots of Love from me to you :)

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