Saturday, July 28, 2007

Pic's of the Week

Date Night in DC at John Mayer Concert
Maddie Today in her checkered pants :)


Dan said...

I love the checkered pants...She looks like a chef! Hope all is well, still trying to figure out if we can make it to vegas.

SARAH said...

She does look like a chef. I'm sad because I think she's almost grown out of them! Keep working on coming to Vegas and let us know. It's going to be a blast. We have tickets to see Penn & Teller's Magic Show one of the nights and we'll get you guys tickets if you're coming. So let me know ASAP! Love ya.

Anonymous said...

Let's see if I remember to input the code so my comment will post this time :) My comment that didn't make it through said that you are quite sophisticated at this blogging. I love all of the photo montages (sp?) and of course you are pretty damn funny! Can Maddie be any cuter?

Love you, Lex