Friday, September 21, 2007

Home from Las Vegas

Okay, so we landed late last night and picked the baby up and came home and crashed. But, the highlight of our trip to Vegas is in the above video. Yesterday, on our final day in Vegas I wanted to go play my Wheel of Fortune slot machine over at the Venetian. Well, I played for a couple rounds and then we decided to get some breakfast. When we were done, the machine called to me. I went back and put $10 in. I played for a while and all of the sudden, I hit the jackpot!!! I won 1800 quarters or $450!!! It was awesome. Gabe and I were so happy and we left so that we didn't blow our winnings. Best trip ever!!! In Vegas, we also went to dinner at Tom Collichio's restaurant (the guy from TopChef) called Craftsteak, where I had the best lobster ever. We went to see Penn & Teller's magic show and took pic's with them and got autographs after the show. We went to the trade show for pet stuff (the main reason we went to Vegas) and we gambled. As we were leaving the hotel (The Wynn-which I HIGHLY recommend) John O'Hurley (Elaine's boss on Seinfeld) passed us as we waited for our bags in the foyer of the Wynn's Tower Suites! So much fun. We just had a really good time and while I really missed Maddie, it was a nice break. Today, we are back to the grind :)


Laura said...

How much fun!! I've yet to win... hopefully someday. :)

(oh, and the video isn't working)

My brother's wedding is THIS Sunday! Last wedding of the season, thank goodness! We are wedded out... we just now want to focus on ours. :)

SARAH said...

I still can't believe your brother is getting married, but we, too, are weddinged out. It will be nice to just relax. How are your wedding plans going? Try the video again. I just checked it and it worked fine for me.

Laura said...

The video now works for me. How exciting!!

We have chosen our caterer, we have the site, I think I found the florest and we are looking at the music right now. :) All fun stuff... October 22 my mom, Heidi and I are going to go look at dresses up in Sacramento. That'll be the most fun yet! I had to remind Jason that it's only 8 months away... he kept thinking it was still a whole year away. lol It's really sneaking up on us.

Are you still coming out next month?

MOM said...

Love the video - it worked fine for me. Thanks for posting the pictures of you and our Gabe. I'm counting the days until you are all out here. I miss you so much. Lots of love, MOM