Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Hello All,
We had a very uneventful Labor day because all 3 of us are SICK! Maddie has been fighting this for a week or so, and now Gabe and I have it. Yesterday was the worst. We were both bed and couch bound, low energy, nauseous, coughing, runny nosed...you get the picture. We were supposed to do a BBQ at Sandy and Carlos' house, but that plan didn't work out. We took lots of Dayquil and then Nyquil to help us feel better today. Gabe went to work and I'm home with the baby, and our plan is to take it easy. Bummed because it's Gymboree today, but we won't go and make everyone else sick too! We may venture out to the grocery store, but that's looking like that's all we'll do today. Sorry there's not much going on for me to blog about. Hope you all had a fun Labor day and I'll write when there's more to say. Oh, and many of you know (either because I've talked to you on the phone or I've seen you in person) but Maddie is walking. She's been walking for about 2 weeks or so-but she's really gotten the hang of it (and chooses it generally over crawling) for the past week. It's really cute because she's small and still looks so much like a baby-I think it surprises people.


Anonymous said...

Oh poor you :( Sorry to hear that you're all feeling under the weather. I thought we were the only ones;) Aibha's had a cold since Friday but baby Tylenol drops seem to be easing her runny nose and cough.We're having a quiet day today too and will see how things are tomorrow.Take care of yourselves and we'll talk soon. xx Siobhan and Aibha

Anonymous said...

just let me know if I can help u guys out...it is miserable to have a summer cold...missed you yesterday Sarah..sure was fun to play with walking Maddie though

Anonymous said...

Hope you guys are feeling a little better! If you're up to it and Gabe's schedule allows, let's see if we can get together on Saturday. If not, we'll figure something out. Can't wait to see Maddie walking around!! (Read: I'm jealous my daughter still isn't walking :) Ha Ha). Love you guys,

Elisabeth said...

The child is walking before she is 1, what a genius! It must be because she has a great middle name, to live up to it she will have to be a genius! Just kidding, I think she gets it all from her awesome mom!
I hope you all feel better. Love you guys.

SARAH said...

Thanks for commenting guys! I love it. Sometimes it's like I write and I have no idea who reads it. I'm sorry you guys aren't feeling well Siobhan. Hopefully today is better for you both-it's been better for us. I think we're over the sickness now :) Thanks Sandy for commenting and for taking care of her on Sunday when I was at my worst. Lex, Saturday works for us. We just need to decide what to do? Lizzy, she is a genius!! Just kidding. Who knows-but it's really fun watching her change from a baby to a kid. Can't wait for her to see you next month!!!