Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Wednesday 9-12-07

Hello All,
Well, I remember this day last year very well. I was 9 months pregnant and driving to visit Alexa and her new baby Ella when I got the call. My brother Dan and his wife Jen had a baby boy and named him Logan. I remember crying tears of happiness on the drive (very emotional when preggers) and just being so happy for them to have had a healthy little boy. It felt exciting and reminded me once again, that many women I know had had babies and in less than a month I would too. So, happy 1st birthday to my nephew Logan John!!! Today, Maddie, Gabe and I are going to the memorial service for their family friend who passed away over the weekend. Then it's home to do laundry while Maddie naps and hopefully finish the movie I started yesterday called "Desk Set." Lizzy loves classic movies and I always want to watch them, but I want to know ahead of time if they will be good. Well, she made me an extensive list and I've started ordering them through Netflix and I'm halfway through my first one. Lizzy, so far I LOVE it. Good choice. That's all for now. We're getting ready around here to leave Maddie on Saturday for the night (we are going to a wedding an hour away and staying there) and then we come home for 2 days and leave her again (we're going to Vegas for a trade show from next Tues-Thurs) so there seems to be a lot to do to get ready. I'm not so happy to be leaving her-in fact I'm sad, but I keep telling myself she won't remember this. Plus, it should all be very fun. Enjoy your day...


Laura said...

Seems like your as busy as us!! We have two weddings in the next 10 days and we are so looking forward to no more social events... at least for a while! (Like at least week?) ;)

Have so much fun!

Oh and Happy Birthday Logan!

Elisabeth said...

Hey big sister! I remember the day Logan was born and then just a few weeks later Maddie came into the world. So cool to be an aunt.
I am glad you are liking Desk Set, that makes me so very happy! It also makes me want to watch it, which I may do while my husband is M.I.A. Love to all!

mom said...

Hi babe,
What a sweet picture of Logan! I can't believe a whole year has gone by. What a wonderful, joyous year. How lucky are we that we have three healthy babes? I tried to call Logan to wish him a happy b-day but Jen had him with her so I am going to try later. We will see him on Friday and I CAN'T WAIT!! Safe travels and as much as you don't want to leave Maddie it's really good for her and for you and Gabe. I keep trying to tell your sister that absence makes the heart grow fonder so just remember that:) Love you - Mom