Sunday, September 9, 2007

Season Opener

Hello All,
Hope you've had a great weekend. Sorry it's taken me so long to blog, but for some reason this week got really busy. Now we can relax. The pic above, is me today, tailgating with Gabe before the Redskins Season Opener. It was fun. I'm trying to hold up the chip I was eating to show you that it's in the shape of Idaho. I thought it was funny. Redskins won in overtime and normally I wouldn't care that much, but I've made a decision to try and not hate football so much. So, to help me not hate it, I'm trying to pay attention to it more. However, due to the +90 degree heat and humidity today, I spent a lot of time indoors in air conditioning. I now have a slight sunburn and feel pretty dehydrated. I tried to drink a bunch of water and only had a couple of beers, but it was way too hot for me. The point is that I spent a lot of time thinking about how hot I was feeling (and what ways I could alleviate that uncomfortable-ness) that I had a hard time understanding a lot of what happened in the game. Gabe understands and has admitted that I'm "kind of" a trooper. Guess that's better than nothing :)
So, looking at the week ahead. A close friend of Gabe's family passed away yesterday morning and so I know we will have his memorial service to attend-just not sure when. We also have to get ready to go out of town to a wedding next weekend-Maddie is staying with Carlos and Sandy overnight, so I need to get a few things ready for that as well. Elisabeth's birthday is tomorrow and Logan's is Wednesday and Jen's is next Sunday! Lot's of September birthday's in my family. I'm finishing up with my physical therapy this week (only 3 more sessions!!!) and then they discharge me until/unless I need more help for my neck. But, that brings to mind that another thing I need to do this week is find out where I can get acupuncture for my neck issue. I'm really interested in trying it out. Lot's of people swear by it. So, that's the week so far. We will also be doing Gymboree and seeing Siobhan and Aibha (our buddies). Sounds pretty full. I promise to blog many more times this week...


Dan said...

Since nobody commented I will...It looks like you were the first one's in the parking lot, when did you get there 7:30 AM? You are a true football fan. Anyway, looks like you had a great time regardless of heat, and trust me i know how opressive the heat can be, not much fun at all. Love you, kiss Maddie, and uh...give a nice firm handshake to Gabe for me :)

SARAH said...

Firm handshake? Been talking to Uncle Dave lately? :) Happy b-day to the little man today. Love you guys.