Monday, October 15, 2007

Clothes, Books and Rocking Horses-Oh My...

Maddie had her birthday party on Saturday and I think I've finally recovered :) It was A LOT of work-but Gabe and I really wanted to make it special-even though she'll never remember it! WE had about 20 people here in our small living room, but it was a blast. Maddie was napping as people were arriving, but she woke in time for her daddy's excellent BBQ chicken and baked mac & cheese (made from scratch). I made her 2 butterfly cakes (1 of which is still in the kitchen). I forgot to take a picture of the one we all ate, so the picture you see is of the 2nd cake. They turned out really well-I was determined. We opened presents and Maddie got a lot of warm clothes (we really needed), some toys, a book and a very special rocking horse named Velvet from her Aunt Janie and Aunt Patrice. She likes to pet his mane and she likes to ride him, but she needs help because her feet can't touch the ground yet! Tucker was pretty interested in Velvet too...I think he thinks we got another dog :) We tried to put her party hat on her, but she really hates to wear things on her head. Also, other people took pic's because I was so busy, so the pictures I have are few. Alexa is supposed to send me the ones she got online soon and then I'll post those.
We leave for California in 4 days and I'm excited, but also a bit nervous for the flight. We leave really early in the morning, so I'm hoping she feels tired and can rest. She has her new car seat now (thanks Nonni) and she'll be able to ride facing forward on the plane, so hopefully I can keep her occupied :) Gabe will meet us there about 6 days after we leave and then fly back home with us on the 29th. Just in time for Halloween. Maddie's costume came in the mail the other day and it's so cute. She's going to be a pumpkin (but the costume is a silky material) and it's really nice. I'm excited for her to dress up. I think that night we will be trick-or-treating with Siobhan, Aibha and Greg. Aibha will be a ladybug this year. I'm sure we'll have lot's of pictures from that.
So, we have a busy week ahead of us. Lot's to do to get ready to leave and I even want to try and fit in a pumpkin patch excursion :)

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Anonymous said...

Sarah, Gabe, Maddie,
Thank you for wonderful day. We all really enjoyed ourselves, especially Aibha. The balloon is a big hit! Talk to you this week. xxx Siobhan and Aibha