Thursday, October 25, 2007

Gabe is on his way :)

Hello All,
We are having a great time. I just got done baking the Elmo cake for her party on Sat. I'm going to frost it in a day or so, but so far so good. The cake is chocolate and looks pretty cute. Went out to lunch at my favorite sushi restaurant here today and my sister's good friend AZ was our waitress. Small town. Maddie did not have sushi-she ate grapes, cheese and some pasta we brought from home. They seated us in front of the aquarium and she loved looking at the fish. My mom and I are taking her to a park this afternoon. I'll take lots of pic's. I just tracked Gabe's flight and he's flying over Wyoming right now. Only 2 and a half hours til he lands. Can't wait.
So, we're having a blast, and feeling that it will be very hard for me to leave California this time...

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Anonymous said...

Have a happy second 1st birthday Maddie. :) Lots of Love, Siobhan, Greg, and Aibha