Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Short Video

Only 8 days til' she's ONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dan said...

Isn't it amazing how fast a year goes by? I can't believe we are both parents to 1 year olds already, it baffles me. It's funny to think about how we felt a year ago, and how much they both have changed in a year. I know Logan is so much more independent, he'd rather play with Isaiah than us.

We gave a present for Maddie to Mom so when she sees you you'll get it.

Love You.

Anonymous said...

Even though I just saw her yesterday I never get tired of looking at Maddie. She is sooo cute. Keep blogging!
Maddie's grammie Sandy

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the new video...thank you, thank you, thank you :) Call me if you're free sometime this week for a stroll.Otherwise see you at open gym on Thursday. Siobhan and Aibha

SARAH said...

A year FLIES by, Dan. Mad is very independent too and would rather play with the dogs than me at times :) Thank you in advance for her gift. Sandy, I never get tired of looking at her either!!! Funny. Siobhan, you're welcome!! I'm glad it could entertain Aibha for a while. I'm calling you later, but I think a walk tomorrow would be nice.