Monday, July 14, 2008

The countdown begins...

33 weeks (between 4-7 weeks left to go!)

Bed-head but beautiful
So, I've been thinking about this baby a lot lately mostly because she's kicking me all the time and also because of all the ways being pregnant changes me. For example, yesterday I felt like the most irritable person EVER! No matter what I did, I felt irritated and I've come to know that's just part of being 8 months pregnant in July in 90 degree weather. Then, I ate some pizza yesterday, only to be followed by a bowl of cereal an hour later and then I seriously considered eating an avocado that Gabe brought me, but changed my mind and ate an Almond-Roca instead. So, yeah, I'm hungry and none of what I eat seems to really "go" together. Plus, as I'm blogging, I've just heated up a leftover piece of pizza and it's only 10:30 in the morning. Something I normally don't do is eat pizza in the am, but it was all I could think about. I'm eating lots of fruit and drinking lots of water, but I'm hungry all the time. I'm tired too, but it's survivable :) So, we don't have a lot going on this week. Just the normal stuff. Our internet has been on the fritz along with our home phone, so if time passes and I don't blog or email, you'll know why. They're sending someone to fix it Friday between 8am-7pm. Nice window, eh? I was ready to really complain about the 11 hour window of time when the guy on the phone told me that they'll actually call me Thursday and tell me a more definite time. So that's good. Have a good week.


MOM aka Nonnie said...

You look beautiful and so does bed-head Maddie! I miss you all so much and really appreciate your updates along the way. Call me on the webcam when she is up so I can see you both live:)
I remember being pregnant with Elisabeth and Daniel in two consecutive July's - NOT FUN!! It was hot in the valley but not humid so I guess I should have been thankful for that but way back then I didn't realize how lucky I was!! We are having our normal cool, overcast summer morning fog that should burn off this afternoon. For me, it's the perfect weather. Are you jealous???? Hang in there and know that soon it will all be worth it. Oh, and do try and drink lots of water and eat whatever you want. You will be just fine and I think your body knows what it needs - so go with that. Maybe Gracie will LOVE cold pizza! Take care,all my love - MOM

SARAH said...

Thanks Mom. July is NOT the time to be preggers here on the east coast! I'm jealous of any weather that involves cool and fog. We're staying indoors and trying to be creative about what we do to entertain ourselves. Love you.