Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Sorry I've been slacking on the blog, but here I am. It's been a busy week since I last blogged. I've painted the letters for Grace (still need to hang them) and we put the crib together. It's really cute but definitely smaller than Maddie's. I was saying to my mom that it looks like Maddie's crib is for a queen and Grace's is for a peasant! It's really nice and cute, but it's much smaller so that it could fit in the room! This morning we have Gymboree and last week when we went, Maddie didn't have that great of a time. I'm going to test those waters again this am and hope she has a better time. There was a little girl there who grabbed (pretty rudely) a toy from Maddie and it really hurt her feelings. She normally lets things like that blow off her, but she was upset and kept saying "bye-bye." Then we left. So, hopefully today is better. That other little girl just got a new sister a month or so ago and I think she's probably just out of sorts because she's normally really nice and sweet. So, we shall see. 4th of July this week. Not much going on here. I mean, yes, it's the Nation's capital and there's tons of fireworks and events, but to be honest, that means major traffic in DC and for all 4 years that I've lived here it has rained and thunderstormed on the 4th. I don't really want to be stuck on the mall in a down pour. Gabe and I haven't really talked about what our plans will be, but probably just mellow. We leave on Monday evening next week for Sesame Place! It's like Disneyland for 2 year olds in Pennsylvania. We're taking Maddie there for a couple of days and we're considering it our vacation as well as her "I'm about to be a big sister" trip. To be honest, Gabe and I have watched so much Sesame Street and Elmo that we are excited to see what it's like too. I'm sure I'll take a zillion pic's so be prepared for that. That's pretty much our news at the moment. Oh, and Maddie is getting at least one new tooth that I can feel/see. It's the tooth next to her left front tooth. It's about time :)


MOM said...

Yes, lots of pictures, please!! I hope Maddie has fun at Gymboree this week and that the little girl is in a better mood. I love that Maddie lets you know when she's ready to exit! Package of goodies is on the way but I had it delivered after next Wednesday since you will be gone. Love you all - MOM

SARAH said...

Thanks Mom. We can't wait for the package and be sure to check your PO Box from something from us later this week. Maddie did great at Gymboree and that other little girl wasn't there. Went to try and swim, but Maddie wasn't having it :) We'll try again later this week.