Monday, July 7, 2008

Maddie Swims (sort of :)

So mad!

Getting more comfortable (kind of)

Eating dinner and happy that the "swimming" part is over

She's saying "Cheeeeeeeeeeese!"

Well, we took the plunge. Literally. We decided that it was time to get Maddie back in the pool at her grandparents house the other day. We asked if she wanted a swimsuit, "no." We offered her a new boat to ride around in and she said "no." So, we decided to just carry her in, naked. She was upset, but to be honest, she calmed quickly once I held her and we just sat on the stairs and relaxed. She's been teething, with a fever, for the past few days, so I'm sure that played a role in her mood that afternoon. Here's the pic's that will haunt her when she's a teen :) We're off to Sesame Place tonight and I'll blog with pic's when we get back. Have a good few days!!!


Anonymous said...

As always too cute! Can't wait to see how she flips for Elmo in person. Love you guys.

SARAH said...

Thanks Lizzy. Every one who's seen these pic's has told me in person, on the phone or through email. But thank you for commenting! Love you.