Friday, July 25, 2008


I know they say in pregnancy, women have crazy dreams. Well, mine are certifiable! I woke up really upset today because my dream included someone dying, infidelity, and someone getting waxed. It was BIZARRE. So, no more Milano cookies for me before bed :) I forgot to blog the other day about my doctor's appointment. Maybe that's because it was such a non-event. I went in (Maddie came with me) and we saw one of the doctors and not a midwife because that was just the luck of the draw. He's a really nice doctor. We listened to Grace's heartbeat (very strong) and we measured my tummy (34 weeks and right on track). Blood pressure was great and I'm feeling fine. Oh, if by fine I mean aching feet, back, and small cramps between the Braxton-Hicks contractions I'm getting every once in a while. Yeah, I know... the end of pregnancy is supposed to be like this because then you're not so scared of labor because you have such a desire to not be pregnant anymore. It's funny though. Gabe and I are taking this childbirth class (the last one is this Wed.) and I realize that I don't feel scared about labor like last time, I feel more interested in how it will be different. Like, I really hope the anesthesiologist can put my epidural in the right way the first time so that I don't have to have it done a second time and then get a spinal. And, if this baby is jaundice, I won't be so quick to cry and worry that she's going to die like I did when Maddie was one day old. Don't get me wrong. We watched 3 birth videos in class this week and it's not a walk in the park just because it's the second time I'm doing this, but I have faith in God, the medical staff and myself to do just fine. My baby books say that I should get the car seat for the baby situated in the car and pack the labor bags because from this point on, it could happen at any time. Given my history, it will probably happen closer to the actual due date, but regardless, I'm preparing. Gabe and I are going on a date tonight :) Movie and dinner in Bethesda because he says that's where we're going to get some great sushi! I've been craving sushi since last weekend. Don't worry; I don't eat the raw stuff.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Sarah, wow it's getting so close! I can't believe it! Did you ever get the CD the other night? I was thinking I could always burn u copies of mine and send them.
Anyway, have fun on your date and you and I need to talk soon, about so many things but mainly when I should come out to meet my new niece! Love you all,