Friday, July 18, 2008

She's her mothers' daughter

Yesterday Maddie went over to her Grammy and Poppi's house to try and swim again. It was 95 degrees here and miserable and Sandy had offered to give me a break by taking Maddie for a while. Gabe and I bought Maddie a new bikini at Sesame Place with Elmo on it and she hadn't seen it yet. I sent that with her to maybe entice her to get in the pool. Well, she LOVED the bikini, but still HATES the pool! She's definitely my daughter. When I was young, I signed up to do both track & field and indoor soccer as sports I'd like to try. The truth was that I wanted the shoes and apparel that went with each sport, more than I wanted to play the actual sport. That's what Maddie's doing! She doesn't want to swim, but she wants to wear the apparel and lounge on the chaise :) I don't have any pictures of this, but I'll get some to post so that we can tease her about how much she's like me when she gets older. Sandy said that when it was time to take the suit off for a bath, Maddie really protested. That must be an almost 2 year old thing. Suddenly she takes notice of what she's wearing. She hasn't argued or protested about anything I dress her in, but from what I hear from moms of kids a little bit older than Maddie, it's just around the corner :)


Anonymous said...

Isn't it amazing when we see glimpses of ourselves in the girls even at such an early age. I remember when Aibha started getting particular about her clothing-boy that was fun! Princess Aibha or Tomboy Aibha, we never know what we're waking up to:) Cliodhna arrived on Weds. and we've been laying low for the last few days as Greg's Mom arrived for a visit also. She left today though so we should be getting back into some sort of routine again. Hope you're feeling well and that this weather hasn't drained you too much. Maybe if you're up to it you would like to meet up sometime this week. Let me know...take care and big hello to Maddie and Gabe. xx Siobhan

SARAH said...

Hey Siobhan! I've been wondering what you guys were up to, but I figured you were just getting settled and enjoying some time with your sister. You've had so many visitors already :) Pretty lucky. We have been doing the usual stuff and trying to stay out of the heat. We're around all week and would love to meet up. Whatever is easiest for you guys. We'll talk. Thanks for commenting.