Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween & Lizzy Visits

Lizzy meets Grace for the first time, Maddie just got into her costume, "Trick-or-Treat!", Walking through the neighborhood, LadyBug, Lizzy & Gracie sharing a laugh, Daddy & Maddie, "Choose 1 piece," Lizzy, Tucker, and Grace snuggling.

Here are the pic's from our weekend. Maddie loved trick-or-treating! She didn't eat any candy, but she loved the idea of ringing people's doorbells and getting something from them to put in her bucket. It was so great to have Lizzy here too. We had so much fun just hanging out-doing the sister thing. She loved meeting Grace and Tucker was very happy to see her too :) My friend, Raina, was also in town this weekend visiting her sister-in-law and so she came over to visit on Saturday. We had a blast just talking and hanging out. I told her I haven't laughed that much in a long time! What a good feeling it is to be with friends who have known you since you were 10 years old. To be honest, having both my sister and Raina here visiting from home, just made me miss CA. I remembered what I always tell myself and that is that Virginia is nice, but it's definitely not home. I wonder if that feeling will dull with time. It's been 4 years and not so much :) This week should be interesting. Tonight Gabe is going to Monday night football with his sister Patrice and won't be home til really late. Then, tomorrow we (Barack the) vote! Yeah!!! I'm ready to vote and stop seeing all of the political commercials :) Then, on Friday at the crack of dawn, Gabe and Maddie are leaving for the weekend. They're heading to Maryland with Sandy and Patrice to go to a dog show. Gabe is showing a lot of dogs, but dog showing is usually just a few hours out of the day, so they have a lot planned to take Maddie to. They are going to a petting zoo that Gabe went to as a child, probably the ocean, the arcade, etc. She's going to have a blast and hopefully remember what it feels like to be the only child again! Grace, the dogs and I will hold down the fort and just relax. So, that's what our week looks like. Hope yours will be great!


Siobhan said...

The pictures are wonderful. Maddie's costume is adorable :) We had a fun Halloween also, baking cookies, facepainting and trick or treating. Aibha's favorite thing was opening the front door to people and giving them cookies and seeing what they had in their bags. Unfortunately ALOT of candy was eaten!!! We had to hide most of the sweets-definitely more than she's ever had before. Glad you had a good visit with Lizzie. She looks the image of your Mom in those photos. I hadn't noticed that before; then again I hadn't seen many pictures of her before so... ;) And of course, Grace looks so cute. Definitely changing and growing into herself. I do plan on getting some pictures uploaded soon so you can see our goings-on here also but the connection is iffy so it's proving challenging. Enjoy your relaxing week. xx

MOM said...

Sarah, all of the pictures are wonderful. Maddie is the cutest ladybug ever and I love her expression. The pictures of Elisabeth holding a smiling Grace are precious. You are a really good photographer:) thanks for sending the photos and for updating the blog. Siobhan, glad you and the girls are having fun in Ireland! Wish we were there!! Take care - love to all - MOM

Anonymous said...

Ah Sarah I had such a great time, the pics bring it all back. But were there any pics where I didn't look so worked? Grace is adorable so that makes it ok.
I had the best time, it's always so fun to come see you and your family. Don't worry about missing us, I will come back, promise! You are an amazing mom and doing a great job, that's so fun to see. Tell Maddie I miss huckling her, huckle her for me!
Love you all.

Laura said...

Those pics are so cute! How much fun you all must of had. Family and friends are the best! (I'll email you soon, but we have our big ultrasound on the 24th! So exciting!) The doctor today thinks "boy" by the heartbeat... so we'll see, so far everyone thinks boy! :)

Go Redskins! (Right, Gabe is a redskin's fan?? I think) I just need them to win and a combined score of 55 or more points to win the pool! It's from Jason's work, and I've been playing for 3 years now and have yet to win! :)