Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Our Gratitude Tree


Happy Thanksgiving!

We are having a great day and just wanted to share a couple of pic's so far. We went over to Gabe's parents house for Thanksgiving brunch and now we are home relaxing while both girls nap :) The Gratitude Tree is something I won at the mom's group I go to and it was an idea of a way to think about what we're grateful for leading up to Thanksgiving. Gabe and I have been taking turns filling out the "leaves" with what we are grateful for. It's a nice reminder of all that we have and are thankful for. The picture with Maddie as a bruiser is because she got hurt at school on Tuesday and she got a huge bruise right between her eyebrows which is now starting to give her a black eye! Gracie's picture is today and she is happy as usual :) Hope your Thanksgiving is wonderful.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sar,
I'm glad you had a great thanksgiving! Ilove Gracie's thanksgiving shirt and I hope Maddie's bruce goes away. I can't wait to come and see you I'm counting down the days!(27 days)
Love Ya

Siobhan said...

I'm suffering withdrawal over here :) I think since neither of us have been devoting enough time to ourselves and seeing as how you're on the right track now I need to get on there with those crazy days when we'd go somewhere and chat and have a laugh...those days are needed once more. I know we have had chats and laughed but there was always a baby to watch or spit to wipe up etc...The gist being I need a life outside of the girls and boy therefore I need a partner in crime and I nominate TOI!!! Let me know what you think :)

SARAH said...

Thanks Gia! We're counting down the days too :)
Siobhan, count me in!!! I will once again be your partner in crime :) I will gladly meet for coffee, dinner, anything without children! Let's have our husbands help and let's take a break from time to time. It's funny that you were writing that because I have been secretly thinking about starting a book club. Just picking a book and meeting once or twice a month to talk about it with other women. What do you think? I was thinking at first that we could rotate houses, but then I knew there would be kids there, so I thought of meeting at coffee shops or Panera. I was also thinking if everyone who came invited someone they knew (maybe Maeve or Mia or both?) Tell me your thoughts. We miss you guys a lot. Maddie has been sick again and it just feels like she can't ever get better. We're off to the dr. again on Wed to discuss her asthma. Nightmare. Time is flying by though. I can't believe that Grace is already 12 weeks old tomorrow! Miss you tons. Love, Sarah