Saturday, November 8, 2008

Missing them

So, Gabe and Maddie have been gone for 37 and a half hours (but whose counting). They took off for a dog show in Maryland and it's just been me, Grace and the dogs holding down the fort. It's been pretty quiet (which was nice yesterday and seemed a bit lonelier today). I've talked on the phone with Gabe several times and it sounds like Maddie is having a blast with just her daddy, Grammy and Auntie all to her self. Grace has started something new this weekend. She's come to the realization that we have dogs and she seems particularly attuned to Tuck. He's been sitting at the foot of her baby bouncer chair and she just looks at him and talks and talks. Because he stays put for such a long period of time, I'm sort of convinced they are speaking their own special language. Either that or he's waiting to lick the baby puke off her chin :0 Anyways, it's been a nice weekend, but I'll be glad to have Gabe and Maddie back. With all the free time I've had the past 37 hours, I joined facebook and have been getting a kick out of that. That's all there is to report tonight. Hope your weekend is well.
Here's a second video I took of Grace the other day. Just now getting around to posting.

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