Sunday, December 7, 2008

Bronchitis, Basement and Baptism

Well, I don't know for sure if I have bronchitis, but I think I do. Going to call the doctor tomorrow and have them listen to my lungs because I can't stop coughing and wheezing. Lovely. The basement is another story. Woke up yesterday to a flooded laundry room and to spare you the details let's just say we have ordered new carpet because a cleaning crew had to cut a bunch of our old carpet out. Gabe and I went and ordered it today and now we are going to have all new carpet in our home :) We've been wanting to do the upstairs too and now we have an excuse! Yay! Baptism is the final thing because Gabe and I attended a class at our church today about getting baptized together on the 18th and I'm really excited about that. Both of us were baptized as babies, but we really want to do it now as adults when we're really making that decision for ourselves in our own church. So, that's all of our news. My mom is here visiting and once we all start to feel better we'll be able to have some fun this week! Also, we had our first snow last night but it wasn't much and it didn't really stick to the ground. Still, it was enough to send Maddie into a frenzy yelling "snowman!" :)


Anonymous said...

Yeah it was definitely a tough weekend. Could not have made it through without you.
Love Ya,

Siobhan said...

Wow what a weekend!! You definitely don't do things by halves do you? ;) Hope you're all feeling better soon. Enjoy the time with your Mom and that's very cool about the Baptism...we have Aisling's on the 27th so I can't wait for that. Life continues here. Aibha would definitely LOVE some snow. Anytime anyone mentions it being Christmas, her response is to say that yes it is but there probably will be no snow. Direct quote from me as she has the idea that the two are synonymous from photos and stories and I just wanted to be sure she understood that in Ireland Christmas is a little bit different. Who knows though...this year might be the year!! :) Stay healthy, happy and smiling at your new carpet :) xxx