Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!

Matching Pajama's courtesy of Nonnie :)

To see more pictures of our Christmas, click here.


MOM said...

You all look amazing! Merry Christmas and thanks for posting. I just read your baptism post and I personally think it's wonderful that you and Gabe are walking the same path. What a gift to give to the girls. Who, by the way are the absolute cutest, most precious girls anywhere! Love the video of Gracie laughing!! You will have a house of happy giggles - how wonderful is that? Love to you all. Mom

SARAH said...

Thanks Momma. We know that we are blessed to have the family we have. Thank you for your words about our baptism. It means a lot. We love you too and Merry Christmas :)

sevnetus said...

I like the matching pajamas. It is a very, very cute picture.