Tuesday, December 16, 2008

We're in the Christmas spirit...Finally!

It took a while, but I think we're there. We finally got our tree decorated, put our wreath up and sprinkled a few Christmas trinkets around our family room. It was tough this year to be motivated after the basement disaster, but now we are all set. The new carpet is really nice and we are definitely enjoying it. I'll take a few pic's and post them for those of you who want to see :) What else is going on?... Well, on Thursday night Gabe and I are being baptized. I'm really excited. I've been waiting for the past 7 years for the opportunity to do it and it really is true that God works in mysterious ways because I had no idea why I had to wait so long! I guess it's because He wanted me to wait for Gabe :) It's really neat because we are actually standing up together and reading our testimonies side by side. If you would have asked me a year ago if I ever pictured this happening I would have thought you were crazy! I did not expect to see change in Gabe the way I've seen it. I like to think that even though 2008 has been a tough year for us, it's ending in a really special way. A funny thing has started to happen with Grace. She is slowly but surely finding her fingers (just like the ones that Maddie sucks). It's really cute and A LOT easier than a pacifier because they are always with her :) She's been really working on this, so we'll see if it sticks. We are also in the middle of refinancing our mortgage which is a task in itself. It's funny how life works. You can go many months with not much going on and then all of the sudden it's like the days fly by because you're so busy. At least that's the case in my life. The last thing I want to share is that I'm reading a lot lately and one book I'm reading nightly is called Creating A Charmed Life by Victoria Moran. My mom sent it to me and I just think that it's amazing. I just read this part about "living your life in chapters." She's saying that we should just live our life in the chapter that we're in (for me it's the stay-at-home mom with little kids chapter) and not worry about the chapters that came before or after this one. It helps to live in the present which has been a huge goal of mine for the past few months. I'm trying to hurry less...in everything. I'm not totally successful, but at least I'm paying attention and attempting to change. It occurs to me that to even attempt something different is to already be successful :) Happy thoughts.


Siobhan said...

Best wishes to you both for tonight. What a wonderful occasion to celebrate together. Love to all, xxxx

SARAH said...

Thanks Siobhan! We are really looking forward to it. Hopefully I can ask someone to take a picture :) Hope you and the girls are enjoying having Greg around!
Love, Sarah