Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas Eve

*this was meant to be read yesterday!*

Well, the big day is here. Yes, tomorrow is the biggest day, but today is the big for a few reasons. Every Christmas Eve something not-so-good happens to me/us. Two years ago, I fell down the stairs holding a 2 month old Madeline on Christmas Eve. And let us not forget last year when we were trying to drive from Missouri back to Virginia and then decided to get on a plane and just get here faster. Only to be at the ER in Alexandria by 10pm that night with Maddie terribly sick. So, I'm determined to have a better Christmas Eve than we've had for the past 2 years. We're staying home, making a ham and opening one present (it's going to be the one from Nonnie that's for all of us-Pajamagram anyone? :) We're also going to leave cookies and carrots for Santa and the Reindeer and read "The Night Before Christmas." We're also going to continue to play with our Nativity Set that I bought for the girls. It was suggested to me to get a Nativity Set that kids could touch-so that they could play and I could tell them the story of Jesus' birth. It was also recommended that no mom get too upset if their children put baby Jesus on the roof of the manger or any other crazy thing they come up with. Their just kids. Well, Maddie has made a pretty funny scenario with her Nativity Set. No matter how many times I tell her which one is Joseph and which one is Mary and how they are the parents of the baby, she continues to make Mary and the one of the wise men kiss each other! Pretty funny. She likes this particular wise man because he is carrying what we think is Frankincense and she thinks it's a bottle that she tries to drink from! It's wild to watch but I know she means no disrespect. Love to all!

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