Saturday, April 17, 2010

Day 27

I cannot believe it's only been a month since starting this picture a day thing because it seems like we've done so much! I guess for me, that's how life is: I feel like I'm not doing much of anything but now that I'm chronicling it, I'm realizing that I am doing tons! So, that makes me glad that I'm trying to take time every day to capture even one small moment. Today was made up of lots of small moments including a playdate at my church that I helped to organize and host, an awesome nap, watching my kids play together so well, a fabulous family dinner, and now some quiet time. Looking forward to Sunday morning at church and then the playground. So excited that it's 1 week until Gabe and I leave for Disneyworld :)

*From Top to Bottom: "Grammy's Hair" (Direct quote from Maddie after looking in the mirror after her bath! Sorry Sandy :) & BBQ


Anonymous said...

no offense taken she is a gorgeous with wet hair just like her Grandma...ha ha can't wait to see those girls later today!

Carrie said...

Hey Sarah! Thanks for the blog comment!

That picture was taken in Happy Camp, CA, and we by no means consider Sonoma County northern California. /giggle/ Sonoma County is still the Bay Area to all of us from NorCal. ;-)

If you look at Happy Camp on a map (and I'm not joking about the name!), it's less than half an hour from the Oregon border!

You're girls are so cute!