Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day 31

Today I was heartbroken. I had signed up to bring a couple of meals to a family in Maddie's class who has a child that was just diagnosed with cancer. He's only 12 months old and his life and those of his parents and brothers is totally changed. Today was my first visit to their home to bring the lasagna I made, salad and some fruit. Maddie went with me since one of the brother's is in her class. The mom was very thankful and she held her baby while we talked. He was beautiful but he also looks sick. He has a grayish complexion and dark circles under his eyes. He broke my heart. It's one of those things in this world that we are never going to understand. Why our God would have this baby get cancer. All I could pray as I drove home was for a miracle in their life. That this little baby would be spared. His mother told me that tomorrow he has scans to see how things are coming along. I'm praying that those scans bring news that is cause for celebration. I cried as I drove home because I feel so undeserving of this life that has been given to me. Healthy, beautiful children, a home, a husband who loves me no matter what...I'm thankful today. I definitely got a dose of perspective this afternoon.


Anonymous said...

It's overwhelming when you hear of all that people have to go through in life and it's always worse when those events involve children. Having little ones of our own makes it even more heart-breaking. There, but for the Grace of God go we. They've been in my prayers ever since you first told me of their little baby's struggle and again tonight. Big hugs xx Siobhan

SARAH said...

So glad to hear that you too are praying for him. Hopefully today they will get some good news. On another note, I cannot believe Aibha's hair!!!! You have always had the patience of a about that day??!! :)

Anonymous said...

Oddly enough I wasn't mad. My first reaction was sad :( I cried! lol I was more upset than she was. Typical!! I just keep saying it'll grow back..hopefully for Ciara's wedding ;)