Saturday, April 10, 2010

Days 18 & 19

Geez, when you get behind in blogging, you really get behind!! The last couple of days have been busy with celebrating :) Gabe and I celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary. Gabe took me to the Four Seasons Hotel in Washington DC for the night. We ate dinner at Bourbon Steak and then just hung out in our room. We had planned a romantic after-dinner walk, but the flash thunder and lightning storm changed that plan! It made senses that it rained since on our wedding day 4 years ago it poured. At the dinner, we hadn't ordered dessert when they brought our coffee and tea. I was feeling bummed because I love to enjoy my tea with my dessert, not before it. Then, out came our waiter with a chocolate mousse cake with a sweet little love note just for me :) Gabe had planned this out well! So, the picture of the day for Day 18 is:
Day 19 was busy as well, or actually I was just tired! I took time to get my hair trimmed and of course my guy styles it too! Here's the pic for Day 19: So, last night after dinner (Broccoli Lasagna :) Gabe and I put the girls down and read. I love doing that. Just reading instead of all the TV watching. Do many of you do that with your hubbys? Read, side by side, and share interesting parts of whatever catches your eye? We don't do it often enough but last night we did and it was peaceful.
Today is Day 20 so I promise to take and post a picture later. We'll see what the day has in store for us :)

*From Top: Surprise & Styled
** As a note** : I'm trying to include links to things I do or like, so you can click on anything in orange above and it will take you to that website/page, etc. Enjoy!


Siobhan said...

Love the hair cut! Gabe is just too cute. I'm jealous :) I'd die of fright if Greg thought of half of what Gabe does ;) Hold on tight and enjoy every moment! xx
P.S. the worm story was adorable. Aibha caught one last week and wanted to keep it in her bucket beside her bed. Thankfully she forgot about it and we were able to sneak it back outside. Ciara used collect slugs when she was younger.

Laura said...

Jason and I read before bed... but what we do that I think is funny is that we sit side by side on our laptops, chatting and sharing things in gmail chat. in fact we are doing that right now. haha

SARAH said...

@Siobhan-Thanks for the compliment although you'll probably never see my hair looking so good on a normal day :) Gabe is very thoughtful and I'm blessed to have him! I love the "die of fright" comment. You crack me up:)
@Laura-the laptops is hilarious. very 2010 of you guys :)

Raina said...

Thanks for the link to the broccoli cheese lasagna. I'm going to try to make it next week. I use your corn bread recipe and everyone always loves it! xo

SARAH said...

@Raina, You will love the lasagna! It's so easy and SO good :)