Monday, April 26, 2010

Day 36

We are in Disneyworld...without our kids! It's a really fun experience and if I hadn't forgotten the cord for my camera, I'd be sharing it with you pictorally. That will just have to wait til' I get home in a few days. It's a funny thing, vacationing without your kids. I spent so much time planning and looking forward to this vacation; a time to relax and connect with my husband and do things on our own time and schedule. But, the thing is, we came to a giant amusement park full of kids and it keeps making me miss them... I've seen several kids around Grace's age acting just the way she does and it made me smile. Then, I saw a couple little girls around Maddie's age dressed as their favorite princesses and I thought about how much she'd love to do that. So, we are having an amazing time and the roller coasters we're riding are SO MUCH FUN, but I miss the kids all the same...just not when I 'm eating. A whole meal, eaten sitting down without having to give over every other bite to an open mouth near me is pretty awesome.

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Laura said...

Haha I know, we just treasure the nights when Lucy goes to bed before we have dinner and we have a quiet dinner alone. :) She doesn't believe us when we tell her she has the same stuff on her plate as we do on our plates... lol all she does is point at what we have and yell "I want!"
Glad you are having fun! Can't wait to see the pictures.