Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I'm reading the BEST BOOK!


I had to write briefly to say that I'm reading the BEST BOOK ever. I'm loving it. Maybe I love it because it seems to really speak to me where I'm at in life and how I feel inside. Or maybe I love it because the writer is from Northern CA and she writes about Mount Tam, Marin, San Francisco, and the fog. No matter what, I really recommend it. It's by Anne Lamott and it's called Grace (Eventually). Read it.
Another thing has really been on my mind. If you know my best friend Kirstie, or even if you don't and you believe at all in the power of prayer, please pray for her brother-in-law, Alex. He is/has been suffering for so long with cancer and it seems as though his fight is becoming more of a struggle. He's young-early 30's-with a loving and devoted wife (Kirstie's sister, Amy) and two children (Jordan and Abby). Pray for Alex and Amy to have strength of different kinds and for comfort.


natasha said...

That is very sad news, I have lost a lot of family members to cancer and know exacty how difficult it can be. I am sending a whole lot of love their way.

For another perception changing challenge try reading The Reluctant Fundamentalist by Mohsin Hamid. Just finished and loved the techniques the author uses to highlight prejudice.

Smooches to you yummy mummy!

P.S Told mum about your site and she sends all her love to you and the whole fam!

SARAH said...

Thanks Tash,
It's so fun to be able to hear from you so often! I love it. I will definitely check out the book you suggested. It sounds great. Love you.
love, Sarah