Sunday, June 10, 2007

Pictures from Sunday "A day off"

Gabe & I

Bobby & Gabe

Bobby, Shannon & Gabe
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Carrie said...

Well you sure look like you guys had a great time. Dates are always fun. Good luck on the church hunt. That can be tough. I'm looking forward to Zack going with me to church now that his schedule has changed. Um about the random question... I usually try to avoid them. Mental note...Carrie be nicer to people.

SARAH said...

We did have a great time. Finding a church that you both like can be really difficult; but at least we're trying. I also try to avoid people and Gabe thinks I'm so weird. I'm glad I'm not in the boat alone. If I really know someone, then I don't mind saying hi, but you know what I mean. Parents of students, students, other teacher's that you aren't super fond of, etc. I hate small talk, so that's probably why I don't like running into acquaintances.

Anonymous said...

Mom here -
Have to admit that I am jealous that Maddie got to spend the day with Poppy and Grammy - but happy that she gets to live so close to one set of grandparents. I miss her so much I can't even explain it:) So, thank you for setting this blog up with pictures and stories. As far as running into people - NO THANKS! (Especially looking the way I look right now) Dog walked, working around the house (Sebastopol) and working from here this week. Needed a break so this is where you will all find me should you need me this week!! Love you - have a good Monday (yes, that is what day it is!)

Carrie said...

Ok so I think my mom explained this best. She said having Taylor (her granddaughter)in her life is like having a boyfriend. She even gets butterflies when she sees her still at 16 months. I know your mom must feel that way too. The love our moms feel for our daughters is amazing. We are so lucky. Happy Monday. Tay got up at 5:45. I think NC has her confused. ;(

SARAH said...

I think that makes a lot of sense about grandmothers having the same love/infatuation feelings you get for boyfriends. I think that our mom's love seeing us become moms because our little ones often remind them of us when we were that age. My mom always says that seeing Maddie is like Dejavu (spelling?) Hopefully Maddie and Tay will have girls of their own someday and we can remember this time in their lives. NC definitely messed her timing up ;) When we go to Idaho, I'll be dealing with the same thing!