Thursday, June 14, 2007

Simple Things

Hello and Happy Thursday,

I titled this entry "Simple Things" because that is at the forefront of my mind this morning. It's a beautiful, gray, wet day here. Strange as that may seem, I'm a little sick of the stifling, 95 degree heat with 100 percent humidity. We had a huge storm last night and Gabe and I stood outside on the back patio (covered of course) to just watch it. It was amazing. Lots of thunder, lightening, rain and wind. And it occurred to me as I watched the storm, that I loved it. How simple is that? Nature doing it's thing is really beautiful to me. Some other simple things I love:
  • chamomile tea with honey
  • reading while the baby naps
  • napping
  • eating chocolate while drinking a glass of Pinot Noir
  • brightly colored flowers
  • reconnecting with a long-lost friend (I recently did :)
  • soft fur
  • the smell of Madeline (especially after a bath)
  • "Lullaby" by the Dixie Chicks (aka song #6)
  • a book that makes me want to be a better version of myself
  • that fleeting feeling of peace
I'm sure there's a million more simple things I love, but the Direct TV guy is here, the dogs are growling at him and Madeline has woken up from her morning nap.

If you comment, please list some simple things you love- I'd love to know :)


Anonymous said...

I love...
sunny days
kids laughing at little things
relaxing with a glass of wine or a margarita!
the company of friends
the company of family
great conversation
wonderful memories
beautiful scenery
thinking about the things I love...


SARAH said...

Thanks for posting, Kirst! I love kids laughing at little things too. Their laughs are so real and pure...

Mom said...

*I love my Jer, my babies and their babies and my daughter-in-law and my two sons-in-law
*My sisters, brothers, parents and the memories of mom/grandmama
*Being loved
*Sebastopol (more than most of you know!)
*knitting and dreaming of opening my own knitting store:)
*Baxter (most dogs, actually - but he is my favorite!
*Days that are 75 degrees
*Great books that make you lose track of time and take you someplace you've never been
*mountains and trees
*Long drives with Jer where we don't know where you will end up!
*the color red

SARAH said...

Yours was really well written and I think I know how you feel about Sebastopol because I feel it too.
Love you.

Dan said...

I was thinking about this earlier...

I love Sunday mornings reading the newspaper in my backyard

Kids that are so happy they can't stop giggling

Watching babies grow

Teeing off of the first tee

Cloudy days (it's always sunny here)

sleeping in (never happens)

playing basketball

friends and family visiting our home

celebrations in Sebastopol

making people smile

K, that's all I can think of, I am sure there are many more.