Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Tuesday 6-19-07

Good Morning Bloggers,

Well, we are in the final countdown to our trip to Idaho. Getting really excited and planning to start really thinking today about what I need to pack. It's so much stuff when you have a baby to bring! Anyways, I want to announce that my good friend Sarah Slusher (aka Hanley) had her second child on Sunday. His name is Jackson and he was 7lbs. 7oz. I'm really happy for her and her husband and her other little boy, Ethan. So, congrats Sarah!!
I want to recommend something to all of you. If you haven't had a dinner party at your house recently you should invite some friends over for fondue.
Last night Gabe and I had Bobby, Shannon, Nick and Amy over for fondue dinner and dessert and it was a blast! We drank wine, talked, laughed, ate, and just enjoyed our Monday night :) Maddie went to sleep before everyone came and then she woke towards the end of the night-she came down just in time to munch on a strawberry for dessert :) It was great. Sometimes when you're going to have people over, you worry about how nice your house looks, how good the food will be, what the conversation will turn out like, etc. But, if you take all that away and just think about how fun it will be to do something other than watch TV and really connect with people, you will see that all the planning, cooking and cleaning are worth it. I recommend it highly!!!
Well, Maddie and I have Gymboree today-I'll let you know if anything interesting happens. I plan to take pictures of her there, so I'll post those later. Enjoy this day.


Mom said...

Hi sweetheart -
Sounds like a fun night - fondue and friends. Good for you for making the effort. I know it can feel like a lot to do but sounds like you have the right perspective. I love the picture of Maddie and Gabe - and the quote is great. What a lucky girl she is. I can't even imagine packing for a cross country trip. That was one thing I never had to do with all of you because we always lived within driving distance. The car was always full, but somehow that seems a lot easier! Just remember that most of us pack way more than we really need. I read this travel advice column once that suggested you lay out all your clothes for a trip and then put 1/2 back! Now, I know that those of you who know me know that I pack the most. Lately though I have been able to travel (on business) with a carry-on. Tired of the airlines losing bags, etc. I'm going to try and downsize for Idaho as well! I'm looking forward to seeing the photos from Gymboree and seeing all of you in Idaho. Have a great day - Love, MOM

Laura said...

Wow a road trip to Idaho! That'll be fun! Jason and I just did a road trip 2 weeks ago. We went down to Laguna Beach to visit his parents, over to Flagstaff, AZ to visit his brother and sister-in-law, up to Vegas, all the way up through Nevada (not the prettiest state ;), then through Carson City to Tahoe and back down here. We had so much fun, it was so nice just to watch the countryside, listen to music and talk. That was the most I've ever done... we drove a little over 2,000 miles. Other than that the only other road trips I did was when you, me and Kirstie would drive down to San Diego.
Those were fun times too!

Dan said...

Can someone teach my wife how to pack. I think she has 3 bags packed and it's only Tuesday. She told me I had to pack my clothes in my golf bag.

SARAH said...

Gabe and I are laughing about packing your clothes in the golf bag! We already have 3 suitcases going as well as the hard golf case. Oh, and the stroller, the carseat, you know the drill.
I don't know that I can get rid of half of what I've packed already, but I do plan to narrow it down a bit tomorrow :) No pic's from Gymboree because I forgot my camera :( I promise to take some next time. We may hit open gym tomorrow and then I can take some pic's.
We aren't driving to Idaho! That would be CRAZY! We are flying, but it will take a while, so wish us luck. Your road trip sounded like it was a blast.

natasha said...

Great job on the fondue front! I love fondue, the french certainly know how to entertain. Why don't you come over to my place for a bite, it's not far....and the food will be great! An Aussie pie, some shrimps on the BBQ!

When it comes to packing i say pack your bag 3/4 full so you have room for bringing back all your shopping! Big Smooches from Down Under

Laura said...

LOL... I thought that would be a little crazy but from your mom's post it seemed like you were driving. I looked up how many miles it would be and it showed 2,200 one way. That would be rough on you all! Good Luck! Have so much fun! Being with family is the best!

Siobhan said...

Sarah, Aibha and I arrived safe and sound yesterday after what I think was actually a very successful two flights:) As far as packing goes-I know that's not fun. Your mom is right though. Lay it all out and then you'll see what really isn't needed and can be put back. It's taken me 7 trips with Aibha to get to a passably good state. Although saying all that I sitll believe I packed way too much-Aibha's clothes being twice the amount mine were. :) It's great to be home with everyone and I know you three will have a brillent time. Take care and Tylenol works great if baby gets too excited. xxx Siobhan

SARAH said...

I'm so happy you made it safely and with your sanity :) I will use Tylenol with her on Friday on the plane. It does help her sleep. I'm so happy you get to be with your family and in your home country as I know you miss it terribly all the time. I miss you guys. I almost called you today and then I remembered that you are very far away :(