Tuesday, June 12, 2007

- Rant - The Issue with Eating

Happy Tuesday Bloggers! I am just getting home from an afternoon at Gymboree with Madeline. We had fun; played with bubbles, the big parachute, and some drums. After class, we went with some of the other mom's from class and had a bite to eat at Panera.
(Here's where the rant starts). So, my question is: Why do some women feel the need to point out what they do and do not eat? Meaning, why do they feel that everyone else at the table is interested in their particular dietary choices; especially if NO ONE asked? You know the ones-"Only fat free things for me," "I don't do carbs anymore," "No sugar," "I'm on an all soup diet..."(I could continue, but you get the picture) The point is that we are all new mom's and not necessarily at the same weight we were before these babies came along- AND THAT'S OKAY! I want to scream it to them. Why does a scale determine our mood? We are trying to watch what we eat, maybe even eating smaller portions, or making better choices when we can- but, isn't that our own personal business? When does watching what you eat become an obsession? Is it when you mention what you eat or don't eat anymore (you say this word longingly for effect) to anyone with ears? It drives me nuts. My personal opinion is that people should really watch what they say; because without meaning to do so, you may make someone feel bad for eating something you no longer eat. I mean who are the role models for this way of thinking? Who are you trying to look like? Why can't we try to be happy where we're at and if we're not, then we take personal steps to feel better?
I would love to go back to a time (childhood) where we played, laughed and ate to our hearts content. This is the way I want Madeline to live...


Elisabeth said...

Word. I say let Maddie and her mom eat cake and whatever else you please.
Love you!

Siobhan said...

Well said Sarah! :) I hope to goodness I'm not one of those moms, although I must admit it is on my mind these days alot more than it was pre-Aibha. Talk to you soon and love the blog. xx

SARAH said...

You are not one of those moms. You and I love tea with a biscuit, smoothies, chocolate, pretzels from the mall, etc. I'm glad you like the blog-it's my new obsession.

Laura said...

Hey Sarah,

Love the blog thing! I use "Google Reader" to keep up with all my blogs... in case you haven't used it yet it's the best! You don't have to go to each individual site to see what's been updated. Anyway I've added yours to my page.

On the eating issue... I think that if you feel insecure with yourself you are going to outlet that to others so in turn that person would say "Oh, no you look great!" etc. So maybe they will feel better, or proud about their eating habits.
It's an excuse not a reason.

I try and eat as healthy as I can... I was a vegetarian/sometimes vegan for a few years before Jason and I started dating and it was so sad for him that I wouldn't enjoy some of the foods he was eating. I had to have my "special" ways of eating. Well I've gotten over that. I don't "limit" what I eat anymore but I don't make a big fuss over certain foods either. For example... if we go to a friends house for dinner I will eat whatever they serve and not make a statement over anything I wouldn't normally eat. It's the polite thing to do. I would never publicly announce what I think would be good for me or others. Just like what Gab said in his letter. It's your own choice of what you want to eat and just like you don't want "them" to make "you" feel guilty you wouldn't want to do the same to others.

My mom and I were just talking this afternoon about some of the female celebs that are too skinny. They have little girl role models that look up to them and it's so sad. Where are the days when this wasn't ever an issue? I look and the mirror and see a healthy person but when I try on clothes, and see the size, I feel like a blob... lol

Sorry for the long post! This same issue is one of my biggest irks!


SARAH said...

Yeah, Laura posted! So glad to see you here. You've been on my mind and congrats on your engagement :) So, it just bugged me today and most women know how I feel. The part about being at someone's house and being polite by just eating something you may not normally eat, is HUGE to me. It's a total slap in the face of the host if you refuse to eat something (and vocalize it) in their house. People should just eat what they want. Sometimes it will be healthier than other times. And I hadn't ever thought of the fact that they are probably fishing for a compliment! Interesting...

SARAH said...

I love Google Reader!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you :)

natasha said...

so good to see you so happy and with such a beautiful family! Love the pics they are ace!

keep up the blog, it lmakes me feel like i can be with you from across the world!

As for women who comment on everything they eat, this obviously comes from insecurity bred from a society that dictates how we should behave and what we should look like.

Check out:http://www.campaignforrealbeauty.com/flat4.asp?id=6909

and watch the evolution video, very interesting how our perceptions are distorted.

Big Smooches From Australia Darling

Anonymous said...

Mom here - I'm so excited that your blog (actually your rant) has stirred both Laura and Natasha to write!! How great is that? Laura - I'm so happy for you. Congratulations on your engagement. I hope he is deserving of you! Keep us posted on your life. Natasha - we always wonder how you are. Please send more details of your life!! How's your mom, dad, etc?
Sarah, as far as your rant. I can understand how you feel. I love Gabe's post as well. I know I've never been one to say what I wouldn't eat because all you have to do is look at me and know I LOVE EVERYTHING!! Oh well, I've decided (just the other day, actually) that I think being a soft grandma is just fine!! As much as I have dreams of looking like Natasha I've pretty much decided that will have to be in my next life! I told Jer that one time - that the next time I came around I wanted to be really tall and really thin. His response was that he was glad I let him know so he would know who he was looking for!! how cute is that? Love that man:) Girls - at the end of our lives, will be wonder if we were thin enough OR will we be grateful that we were loved for who we were? I'll take the being loved any day. And with that, I will say that I love you all JUST THE WAY YOU ARE.

natasha said...

It does seem to be an issue that gets the tongues wagging. Here is my site, i haven't been very good with updating lately but i will soon. Big Smooches to the whole fam in USA.


Dan said...

First off, Mom figure out how to put your name in so it doesn't always say "anonymous" when you type a comment :)

The problem is society has dictated what we eat, we aren't the one's that created the ridiculous portions found in America, we eat it because it's what we learned at an early age. We didn't make high fructose corn syrup or trans fats, we eat it because it's in so many of the foods that are readily available. The real culprit is America's largest food companies. Yes, we have a choice on what we eat, but the ratio of good stuff to bad stuff is so minimal that it's virtually impossible to eat healthy all of the time without being a total freak!

Laura said...

Hey Sarah and Carol,

Thanks for the congrats! I'm deliciously happy and in love. I really love planning my wedding! We've picked the date (June 1, 2008) and put our deposit on the place. If you are interested in seeing it www.vinehillhouse.com... it's about 5 minutes from our house... lol So now we can relax over the summer before all the other stuff needs to be taken care of. Sorry didn't want to get off topic but I thought you'd like to know!

Oh, Sarah I forgot to say earlier that Maddie is too gorgeous for words!!!

I love being able to see more pictures of her especially as she gets older.

Anonymous said...


(written by Cavin Anderson.)

(Sorry Dan, I prefer the anonymous way too, it's easier :) )

Anonymous said...

I agree with all you say Sarah and Carole. I do watch what I eat at times, BUT I hate sharing that with others because I agree, I know they don't want to hear it. And I have to formally appoligize for any time I may have not eaten something anyone has made. But I have gotten better as I've gotten older. :)

SARAH said...

Thanks Laura for the info. I'll check it out. June 1st sounds like a perfect day. Cavin, thank you for posting. Well written :) Kirst, you are so funny! Remember when you HATED vegetables. You only really liked corn and creamed corn? Hilarious.