Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Afternoon Adventure

Well, Siobhan, Aibha, Maddie and I took a metro ride into DC this afternoon to watch Macy's unveil their Christmas windows and really kick off the holiday season. It was great. First, we thought we'd arrived late, only to find that the newspaper had been a half an hour early about the time-so we were right on time. We had a great view of a couple of windows, plus the man on stilts, the helpful elves that passed balloons out and the highschool dance team. Quickly, I need to say here, that while the dancers were trying very hard, they danced very sexy considering the environment and also their age. I was sort of thinking this and then I turned to Siobhan and she had the best way to sum it up. She said "It's like dirty dancing gone strange." And that's my favorite quote of the day. It was a very celebratory atmosphere. Santa stopped by to welcome us, a band played and the windows were exposed for all to see. They were beautiful and reminded me of Macy's Union Square windows last year when I saw them before Elisabeth's wedding. After the windows were shown, we went inside to have hot apple cider and cookies. The girl's seemed to really like it. It was entertaining and Siobhan and I both felt like we were being good mom's and taking them to create a memory-that we will probably only remember. The photo collage above tells the whole story. The last 4 pictures are of Maddie (but not from today) riding a train in the mall last week, her and Aibha shopping (which they seem to do a lot lately), Maddie hiding from me (can you find her? :) and Maddie with her warm, bunny hat. It was a great time and worth the effort! Now it's time for tea and bed.

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