Friday, November 2, 2007

Sick Morning :(

Well, let's see. This morning has not been great. Since Maddie woke up and drank her bottle, she's been throwing up! I mean, real throw up. Not baby spit up. It's a nightmare. She is sick. I called the doctor since this is one of the first times she's actually been sick and they said if she can't even keep water down by noon, then I have to bring her in. Well, she kept a little water down and now she's having her morning nap, so we'll see. To top it off, we are scheduled to have our flu shots tomorrow :( The doctor said that if she's still throwing up later, then she shouldn't have her flu shot tomorrow. So, hopefully she's ok and we can just get that shot over with. Not looking forward to it. Plus, Gabe and I are both getting the shot also. Never had one before, but it's highly recommended, so we're doing it. I'll keep you updated.

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