Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Much Better and feeling "Green"

We woke up (albeit quite early) and are feeling much better! Yeah! We needed to feel better today because it was starting to become depressing. You know that feeling? When you've been couped up in the house, sick and just dying to get out and do something. Well, we were at that point yesterday and then last night when Gabe and I were hanging out after the baby went to sleep, I realized that I was feeling good enough to joke around. That feeling is awesome. When you know you're coming out of the sickness. I'm happy to feel better. Plus, Maddie is also feeling better and that makes life a lot easier. Sick babies are no fun. So, today is Gymboree and we're going. I might be a Purel fanatic because I have a sinking suspicion that we got sick from Gymbo last Tuesday. But, we need to get out and do something-so we're going! I'm waiting for a guy from the Geek Squad to come out to the house this morning to check our Internet. It's been not working since a few weeks ago-but since we have a wireless card, we've been using that to get online. So, we'll see what this guy can do. Tomorrow we have our flu shots. Yuck. I've never had one and neither has Gabe and neither has Maddie; so it should be an experience. I talked to Alexa last night and she said she's gotten the flu shot for many years and never feels bad afterwards-so that's promising. I think older people don't feel well after the shot; so I'm expecting us to be fine. Gabe leaves at the crack of dawn on Friday morning for a dog show a few hours away. It's for one night and Maddie and I had planned to go, but then I got to thinking that I don't feel like packing and getting all ready just for one night. It's too much to do, plus in a hotel, she sleeps in our room and that is very difficult with her being such a light sleeper; we need our space. So, her and I and the dogs will be here and Gabe will go.
We're getting into Thanksgiving mode. We'll be over at Gabe's parents' house for it and I think it's just us, them and his sister Janie. Nice and mellow-which I like. No traveling-which I like also :) Gabe called and ordered our turkey the other day-free range and organic (Mom, you're proud) but not a Willie Bird. We got something local (Mom, you're proud again). When I was just home visiting, my mom talked about being a seasonal eater. Basically, you only buy/eat produce that's in season for the region in which you live-for example, you don't buy strawberries right now because they're out of season in North America. They're imported from other countries and I think the thinking is that we don't really know what pesticides/regulations there are on foods from other countries-so it's just safer to not eat them. Plus, getting produce from your local farmers market, ensures that you know the food source (which definitely is safer). I like this way of thinking. It matches all of our "green" light bulbs. (change your light bulbs people-it's worth it and it's easy to do)


MOM said...

Glad you are on the mend! I am proud of you for eating and supporting locally raised meat and produce. Just imagine how much we could all save the planet for our grandbabies if we weren't trucking/shipping the stuff we eat from all over the world. It's really mind blowing to think about it! I left you a message about your Oprah subscription so listen to it!! I love you all - MOM

Clod said...

Glad you're all feeling better, too! Hope the flu shots went well. I'm just reading a book called 'Animal, Vegetable, Miracle' by Barbara Kinsolver which might interest you. It's about buying local or grow it yourself. I think Grandpa's had this concept down for a long time.
Love you all, Clod

Anonymous said...

Hey there :) Just wanted to comment since I have a computer handy and put aside all fears of abandonment :) I'm safe and well and looking forward to our walk tomorrow morning. Call you once baby's up and sociable (touch wood!) xx Siobhan and Aibha