Monday, November 19, 2007

Still here...

Sorry that it seems like I haven't been as on top of my blogging lately as I used to be. There's a lot going on around here. Maddie is super busy and doesn't really appreciate when I'm online and not paying attention to her. So, I usually have to blog once she's down for a nap and lately during those naps, I've felt selfish with my "me time." As a stay-at-home-mom, the "me time" thing is so coveted; you tend to day dream about it during your child's awake hours :) It's necessary for the sanity factor and often I want to read, take a long shower, make tea and something to eat-and just be unplugged. In order to be unplugged and really enjoy my time, it has put the blogging on the back burner. But, I'm still here. And, as most of you know, I still have plenty to say. I will post newer pic's of Maddie soon, but I'm in the market for a new camera (a high-tech, fancy one) for a new venture I'm pursuing. Only a handful of people know what I mean, but I'm still working on it and then I'll post about it. I know, the suspense is killing you. Let's just say it has to do with photo's and dogs (shocker). Leave it at that.
So, Thanksgiving is upon us and it really is a time to reflect on all that you're thankful for. To be honest, I really try to remember often all that I'm thankful for and not just leave it for one turkey-stuffing-cranberry day a year. This year I'm thankful for:
  • the church I've found (very comfortable fit for me)
  • family (all types-not just the ones related by blood)
  • patience (I've used up more this year than I even thought I had)
  • books (a private other world that you can get to through quiet)
  • cinnamon sugar cookies and tea (the BEST afternoon and evening treat)
There's so much more, but this is what I felt like sharing now. It's a funny thing with blogging; when you're sitting here typing these words, you feel like you can be as open as you want, but if you let your mind really think about it, you become more restrained in what you say. Strange. Hey, if you read this and you're going to comment-tell us a few things you're thankful for.

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