Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Hello All,
Hope you had a wonderful weekend. We did. Just stayed around the house, ate leftovers and enjoyed the weather. Today we went to Gymboree and the teacher told me that Maddie will be ready to move up to the next class in January when she's 15 months; so a bit earlier than normal. It's a class that starts at 16 months usually, but she said that since Maddie crawled and walked early, she'd be ready for it. It's just more active of a class; which is hard to picture because the whole time we're there now Maddie's active :) So, the title of this post is "stuck" because I'm having a block as to how to make this card business work. I bought the camera and I've been messing around with it-really fun-and uploading my pic's to my computer and tweaking them there. But, the problem is getting it from looking awesome on my computer screen to printing it well. I have a nice, new printer that prints photo's really well, but printing a photograph onto a card material is difficult. The picture loses detail and comes out looking like a card made at home (which it is, but that's not the look I'm going for). Plus, producing cards (ink, paper, etc) can't cost more than I'll make on the cards themselves-otherwise it's a hobby and not a money earning business venture! Not sure what to do here. Dog School has a printer person who prints all of their business cards-Gabe says I need to talk to him. I'm stuck because if I upload my pic's to a website that will print them and then send them to me, they aren't going to print with my logo on the back-it will be the logo of the company that printed them-which I couldn't sell then...I'm stuck. Comment with any ideas and if you're confused, that makes 2 of us :)


elisabeth said...

Don't feel stuck, you are just begining. First play with the camera, get some graduation pics out. Don't think you have to do everything right now. As for the card stock and what to do start looking at the back of cards, at paper suppliers and things like that. Ask Kinko's what they use and get one card completed there or online just to get some samples and see what you are working with. Stick with it, that's my advice!

Claudia said...

Hi Sar,
Great enterprising idea...and like your sister said...you're just begining. I have a couple ideas, but it would be easier to talk on the phone. I'd like to hear more about your ideas too.
Keep at it!
Love you - clod